What you need to do

The idea is simple and you can contribute to the blog as much or as little as you want.

The Unplugged teaching week will take place on the week starting May 5th. If for whatever reason this date is not suitable, don’t feel that you can’t join in. Either teach the class before this date or after and send in your experience. The idea behind the week is to know that you are not alone in the experience and the knowledge that other teachers around the world will be going through the same experience.

Teachers should try to teach a class, preferably the same one, using the Unplugged approach and record the experience for themselves and for the students.

It can be as simple as:

  • How you felt before the class
  • How you felt during the class
  • How you felt after the class

Getting feedback from the students:

  • Did you enjoy the lesson?
  • How did you feel about not using the coursebook/any materials?
  • Is it something you would like to repeat?
  • Did anyone not like the experience?

Your reflection and class experience can be recorded in any way that you wish to do so. All experiences, positive or negative are welcome and they can be sent to me, Adam Beale (@bealer81), in any format (word document, voice recording, video, jing recording etc) to this email address teachingunpluggedweek@gmail.com. Furthermore, if you would like to include a small bio (email, twitter handle, teaching situation) attach this and it will displayed as part of you post on the site.

By subscribing to the blog on the home page you can keep up-to-date on when your experience is posted, as well as new blog posts.

Best of luck



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