Dogme with False Beginners?

ELT Rants, Reviews, and Reflections

As I participated in the most recent #eltchat I realized that I haven’t had much experience with beginners in the last few years. The topic of the week was focused  on “False Beginners” and it brought me back to a previous teaching job. (Here is a summary of the chat

For reasons that were never completely clear to me I decided to take a job teaching employees of a major South Korean shipbuilding company in early 2005. Since I was the youngest and least qualified (the only one without an MA) I was assigned to teach the beginner’s class. (The reasoning behind this decision is another thing that has never completely clear to me either.) I think my students were about as close to real beginners as you could find in South Korea in this day and age. I will never forget Mr. Kim telling me on the first…

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