5 reasons why newly qualified teachers can do a Dogme lesson and 5 reasons why they should

Language Moments

5 Reasons why a newly qualified teacher can do a Dogme lesson

1. There’s time to brush up on your language awareness

Most teacher training courses request that applicants have a first degree, which means those who complete the course will have studied independently before. It doesn’t take a professor to open a copy of a grammar book for teachers and spend half an hour reading it. In fact, add this to the amount of time you’ll spend thinking about ways to get language emerging and that’s probably less than the amount of time spent grappling with a course book. What’s more, it’s time well-invsted. What I mean by this is that the language awareness gained is useful in more situations;  p.36 of X course book you might only teach once or twice in the next year.

2. Everyone has access to a pen and a piece of paper

Which is…

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